OÄ Dr.

Andrea-Vera Keck

Specialist for internal medicine
Specialist for hematology and internal oncology


Monday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

 +43 1 890 41 22

Dr. Andrea-Vera Keck completed her doctoral studies at the Medical University of Vienna in 1997. After two years of scientific work, she started her training as a specialist for internal medicine with the additional subject of hematology and internal oncology at the Wilhelminenspital Vienna. This is where she is still working as a senior physician in outpatient and inpatient fields today.

Since 2016, she has been the head of the interdisciplinary tumor board for lung tumors in the Wilhelminenspital. Due to her work as investigator for international studies, additional therapeutic options can often be offered. A postgraduate management training course in healthcare completes her service range. She is a member of several specialist societies and co-author of scientific publications.


First interview | diagnosis | therapy | aftercare | second opinion

Malignant diseases of the lung, the mamma (lung cancer, breast cancer) and of the entire digestive tract

(cancer of the esophagus, gastric cancer and colorectal cancer as well as cancer of the liver, the pancreas and the gall bladder)

prostate cancer, cancer of the urinary bladder and kidneys

malignant diseases of the blood and the lymphatic glands

palliative medicine & geriatric oncology