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Fachärztin für Innere Medizin


Jeden Dienstag von 14.00 bis 20.00 Uhr

 +43 1 890 41 22

As a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Giuliani has many years of experience in the field of ultrasound diagnostics and therapy of the following diseases:

  • - cardiac diseases (cardiac sonography)
  • - cardiac arrhythmias (24 h electrocardiogram)
  • - vascular diseases (vascular diseases of the carotid artery, leg artery, leg venous thrombosis, Aortic aneurysm)
  • - metabolic diseases (for example: blood pressure, blood lipids, diabetes mellitus, thyroid gland)
  • - control of the abdominal organs (abdominal sonography incl. abdominal artery)
  • - nutritional medicine
  • - surgical clearance

After her medical studies at the University of Vienna, she completed the specialist training for internal medicine at the clinic favoriten and participated in scientific studies in the field of cardiology.


therapY of Internal diseases |  cardiovascular diseases

heart failure |  cardiac arrhythmia |  vascular diseases of the carotid artery

circulatory disorder leg artery |  leg venous thrombosis |  aortic aneurysm

metabolism diseases |  blood pressure |  blood lipids |  diabetes mellitus

thyroid gland |  surgical clearance

nutritional medicine |  preventive medicine